Friday, August 14, 2009

Gossip Girl — Blair-Inspired Fashion

Okay, I have a fashion-blogger confession to make — two of them, actually.

1. I absolutely cannot watch Gossip Girl for any length of time. I find it shallow and silly to a point that even I can't stand (and I have a pretty high tolerance for rubbish on TV).

2. I spend way too much time looking at pictures from the show anyway. I can't help it, the clothes are all so beautiful! Blair is unquestionably my favourite, with her classy, ladylike style — I'd wear any of her outfits in a second. For example:

What I would give to raid the Gossip Girl wardrobe... sigh. Failing that, I've come up with a few tips for imitating Ms. Waldorf's style.
  1. Keep your necklines high. Ne pas de cleavage, under any circumastances.
  2. Keep your colours quite demure and classy — think burgundy, aubergine, cream, and grey. Nothing tacky, luminous, or neon, please!
  3. Three words: Lots Of Skirts. Pants seem to be quite the no-no in this young lady's world.
  4. Never underestimate the power of a hairband, especially if your hair is a gorgeous as hers is. It'll draw attention to your flowing locks in a snap.
  5. Break out the colourful tights, especially if your hemline is more than an inch or two above the knees.
Still having trouble channeling Blair's style? Check out the Edith & Ella store for some items worth of her royal stylishness. I think she'd love the button-embellished heels, black checkered cape, and striped linen skirt (with red tights, of course).

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Mathilda said...

love your Blair-fashion tipps!