Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Outfit Inspiration & Ideas

The party season is upon us, and despite the stress it causes a lot of people, it brings one distinct advantage with it — an excuse for new clothes!

I love buying my Christmas clothes. As in, LOVE. It's another one of those Christmas rituals that gets me feeling all seasonal and fuzzy inside. I know there are better things I could be doing with my time in the run-up to Presentfest (such as, err, buying things for other people...), but oh well, whatever makes you happy, right? And scouring the town for Christmas outfit inspiration is definitely making me happy right now!

I've thrown together a few outfits in the hopes of sharing my festive consumerist delights with you guys. I know that some people prefer to stick to traditional reds and greens for their outfits, and some people prefer to break the mould a bit — so see which takes your fancy.

Christmas set 1

Firstly, a more traditional sort of outfit. The red keeps it Christmassy, but pairing it with simple black items keeps you from looking too much like one of Santa's elves.

Christmas Set 3

Next, a total departure from Christmas colours altogether. I am in looove with this purple dress from our Christmas collection, and I think it should be worn with as little else as possible to maximise its gloriousness! So, to that end, I chose a pair of simple black flats to go with it, as they won't detract from its very purple statement.

Christmas Set 2

And finally, a bit of a middle ground. I like the idea of avoiding red, but still keeping it Christmassy with warm, spicy colours. I kind of imagine that this outfit would taste like cinnamon :)

More Christmas outfit inspiration on the way in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned, readers!

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