Saturday, March 7, 2009

Retro 1960s Mod Inspired Outfit

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They were hip, they were cool, they were edgy... they were mods! Now they're kooky and retro, but we still love them anyway.

Most people just associate the Mod lifestyle with the clothes, and rightly so, because they were pretty clothes-obsessed. But Mods had an agenda too; they wanted to reject the bland, boring culture of the 1950s, and engage with things that were smarter and faster paced. Amphetamine abuse aside, that all sounds pretty good to me.

Mod Inspired

Get your own Mod look with this 60s-inspired sequin dress from the store. It's still on sale for €40 today, so grab it while you can, and get dancin'!


Some Like it Vintage said...

Love the mod style. It was also very comfortable clothing! Nice blog :-)

clive said...