Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Style Inspiration: Blue Jeans

I envy people who can look good in jeans, I really do. I always feel incredibly under-dressed when I wear them, even if I'm just popping down to the shop... Maybe I'm just not styling them right, though. Because they look wonderful in this page from Birgitte!

So, how to recreate these looks? The jeans themselves are pretty basic, and I'm sure you have a pair at home, but the styling makes all the difference.

Look #1: This is quite a boyish look, so pair the jeans with a flannel shirt and leather bomber. Add some girlier details to top it all off - some dainty shoes and a stylish handbag do the trick here.

Look #2: This is a much more traditionally feminine outfit, and a lot dressier than the first - even if they do describe it as 'hippie'. Grab a nice, loose shirt, a suede-style handbag, and top it all off with a pair of shiny heels to complete this look.

How do you like to style your jeans? Inspire me!

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Annisa Anjani said...

i like skinny jeans whatever the color is. jeans are great! they match to all tops!