Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Classy, Ladylike Fashion — Autumn/Winter Style 2009

With the increasing popularity of style icons like Ms. Joan Holloway, lots of you are looking to ladylike fashion for inspiration this Autumn/Winter. And do allow me to say that this is more than welcome in a world of Ugg boots and fake tan...

So grab your pearls, your tights, and your fancy underwear, and let me show you how it's done!

Look 1: The Repressed 1950s Housewife

Repressed 1950s Housewife!

Okay, so maybe we don't want to live her lifestyle any more, but damn did she know how to dress. The key here is cinched waists, flared skirts, and simple heels, so I picked a red satin dress and black patterned heels to give this simple silhouette some interest.
You might also like to check out this previous post on 1950s hair and makeup tutorials, if you want to get the complete 1950s ladylike look.

Look 2: The Rich Eccentric

Feline Fancier

She's got style. She's got class. She's... probably got a lot of cats. And we love her for it. (Or maybe it's for her money.) Channel your inner feline fancier with a pussy-bow blouse and floral-patterned skirt. Cat-shaped bag is optional; for a more 'growed-up' look, try patent leather.

Look 3: The Classy Modern Gal

Classy Modern Lady

I always appreciate someone who can look classy without looking antiquated at the same time. The idea of wearing a pink dress with pearls might seem a bit absurdly girly at first, but I think the black ruffle gives this one an edgier feel. Pop on a pair of black flats, and one of the long, draped cardigans that are so popular this season, for some instant trendy class.

(I absolutely could not get this song from one of my favourite films, Singin' in the Rain, out of my head while writing this post... It's kind of fitting, no?)

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